Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Big Merge

That's right, Scranton and Stamford.

This post is one of mixed emotions for me. For over the last year, Cory and I have shared many memories on this, our blog, Better Together. In the past year, we've shared some thoughts, witnessed the birth of live-blogging, seen photos with captions, and seen the face of my friend Jay Hobbs in practically every angle imaginable. We have been happy to share snippets from our lives as well as pictures of some of our favorite meals.

It is tonight that we announce the merge of Better Together into my photo blog- Bill Blakey Photography. ( For those of you who have checked my photo blog, you will note that it has been a place where primarily I have wanted to share things that I have been doing in the realm of photography.

I have never been one to dichotomize. Those of you who know me well know my firm belief that a Frappuccino isn't quite right unless it is fully blended. And I believe that the same rings true for life. I don't believe that you should act a different way at church than you do at home, or at work. I want to be the same person, wherever I am.

Since I had business cards printed with my photo blog address on them, we decided to move our blog from here rather than the other way around. You will notice the newly revamped header with the new subtitle- "Life. Love. Photography." And that's what I hope the new blog will be. A place where my lovely wife Cory and I can share our lives, portray love (ours for each other, for our friends and clients) and do a little bit of photography. I hope to actually set out to write some blogs and to share more photos from life hopefully on a more regular basis.

So please! If you have a link to this blog, please update it! For those of you tech savvy, update your RSS feeds and check out the cool stuff of life. love. photography. at!

Monday, December 31, 2007

And they have wild cherry pepsi!

And now we're at Stonefire!

This is possibly our FAVORITE place to eat! We are celebrating! More
on that in a bit...

We were at Ikea this morning!

You can spin the carts...

We're recovering from this one this morning

Cory and I went on a date let night!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Good Providence

You've got to be thankful when you are originally sitting two rows in
front of your wife in the middle seat and then the lady at check in
hooks you up with the exit row! On our way back to CA!